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Single chip H-bridge

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Does anyone know a good, not too expensive, single-chip H bridge (preferably with Fet's) that can handle about 3A and 40V? All it needs to do is control a DC engine to go left, right or off, nothing more...


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Hi dudes! Well I'm making a box that control lights at the street.. and semaphores... Sorry my english isn't very good :(

well i had the castor 9600 with a z80 and a front side bus (didn't like it) It's old and stupid to programme.

I'm thinking in a BUS like CAN. I'm starting doing the I/O system.

well, i need a fet's bridge that can handle 220 or 380 volts and currents up to 10A.

What do u advise me? Where can i look for that kind of stuff...

Sorry for the speech :)...

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