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Simple high voltage DC power supply for ionocraft

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I am trying to replicate an ionocraft, or a lifter, which, when connected to a high voltage DC, will levitate (link: YouTube - LIFTER SMOKE TEST). For this reason I need a 30 kV very low current power supply. I am a newbie to electronics, but I will be careful with every step and have already learned a lot. I plan to build the supply using old parts as much as possible. My first question: will this work?

IN-220V separation transformer, relay circuit with on light, 220V 500W dimmer, TV flyback transformer, diode bridge for full wave rectification, smoother transistor-OUT

What kind of diode bridges are best? Can you buy them or salvage them from TVs or old computer PSU's? How large should the capacity of the smoother capacitor be? Thank you for your help.
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