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Silent Security System sending SMS Alert

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we plan to build this project but when we proposed it to our design project committee some of them screwd us :( , he added a feature of door lock code authentication that can store at least 10 user ( administrator and a default user ) without interfacing reader device just use an ID #'s and a pin code for it no barcode reader or any such thing attach.

can any one help us to do this possible? we plan to use pic microchip


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Hey can u clarify things a little?
Storing users codes with the PIC's built in EEPROM shouldn't be a problem.
But what i don't understand is how the user ID numbers are input? Numeric Keypad?

As for SMS i assuming u mean Short Message Service Text messages. As to how to send these would depend on the application, you could include a modem and use a "message center" you dial up and then send the text in ASCII form, these i have found (in the UK any way) to be expensive, VERY.
Another alternative might be to interface it to a computer that has an internet connection, there are no shortage of online SMS companys that will allow you just to post the information in HTTP 1.1 some for free :).

If you want paid work at student prices feal free to private message me :D
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