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Signal Level Measuring using Microcontroller

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Please help me, if any one knows how to measure the amount of induced voltage on a coil using PIC Micro.

Basically in a coil tester, there will be two coils (source coil & target coil) kept very closely. The source signal (AC Signal) will be fed into the source coil. Depending on the test condition, source signal could be either 0.1MHz, 1Mhz, 3Mhz or 5Mhz. So then we need measure the amount of induced signal on the target coil.

Please giude me, whether to use a PIC Micro or any other Microcontroller with a suitable ADC which will have enough Track & Hold bandwidth.

Or is there any other method to, achieve the same?


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Do you also wan't to measure the frequency of induced voltage? If not convert it to DC using suitable fast recovery rectifier and low pass filter and then measure it.

For digitizing AC signal, your sampling rate should be atleast twice or greater than signal freqeuncy. So you'll require sampling rate of 10 MSPS or greater. Most in-built ADCs won' provide such high sampling rates so you have to use external high-speed ADC. The max. internal ADC sampling rate I've seen is 100kHz which is too low for your application.

PIC16F876 will be a okay for DC measurement application which has low pin count (28-pin). If you are biased towards 8051 family like me, Cygnal microcontrollers are good choice as they provide fastest execution throughput over all uC's. See throughput comparison table on Cygal's website. www.cygnal.com

This was for voltage measurement.
For frequency measurement, saturate the input signal to square wave using schmitt trigger (use high open-loop bandwidth op-amp) and measure it using comparison with standard time base generated using internal timers of uC. There are many sample code over the internet for doing this.
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