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Servo control Using PIC18F64 via Serial / Parallel port

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hiye, newbie here...
im absoutely new in pic programming, need to build some circuit to connect serveral servo motors to a an interface and connected to the serial / parallel port.
using VB to control the servo motors
should i use serial or parallel ?
how about the PIC programming ?


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I suggest you to use Serial Ports because Parallel ports requires large number of port pins for Interfacing whereas serial requires only two.
The other problem with parallel ports is that the signals are transmitted at TTL levels which puts a limitation on cable lenght to around 1 to 1.5 meters whereas RS232 Serial Cable can be stretched upto 15 meters.
Also serial ports are more immune to noise (+-13V) as compared to parallel (0-5V).
Regarding programming you can find many code snippets on the net. Try searching it in google.com. You'll find thousands of such examples. :)
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