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Service manual required--- need help

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Dear Folks...

Does any one have the service manuals of the below cited boat anchors please?

Philips 684 MAJOR (4 Band Radio)
Philips Valiant II (Vacuum tube model)
Philips Prestige 556 - Type : 15RB556/00S
SONY HT 46 (Stereo cassette player)

I would be grateful...if anyone can get me a soft copy of these...


New Member
Hmm... That Philips Prestige 556 - Type: 15 RB 556/00S is one thing that I'll also seek a manual for. :D

I have just dismantled an old one and found that some repair guy sort of disfigured it inside :mad:, bypassed much of the actual hardware to make it functional with newer hardware which he installed.
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