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Seeking Help for inverter repairing

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When i check an inverter i have got two IRF540N is burnt out. now i want to replace it by STP50N06, that is available to me right now. A 24v lead-acid battery connected with this 1000w inverter. is it possible to replace a IRF540N by STP50N06?

IRF540N (Id=33A, Vdss=100V, Rds(on)=0.040 Ohm, N-Channel Power MOSFET)
STP50N06 (Id=50A, Vdss=60V, Rds(on)=0.028 Ohm, N-Channel Power MOSFET)



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I would want to know first why both FETs burned out! Unless you know that, it is possible that any replacement FETs would also burn out.


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I assume this is a 24v to 220vac inverter and the MOSFET's are the DC-DC converter.

Running 60 v breakdown MOSFET's provide less margin to turn off transients. For this type of push-pull DC-DC converter you normally want four times the supply. The drain will be subjected to 2x supply when other MOSFET is on. When MOSFET turns off and there is no conduction on either MOSFET there can be a high voltage, short period transient. RC snubbers are place on drain to reduce amplitude of these transient spikes.
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