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searching for a microcontroler

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i need to buy a micro (preribly a motorola 68HC 8 bits series), if someone knows a place that sells them (the cheaper the better :wink: ) please let me know. thanx for advanced :D


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You'll find ATMEL 89 series much cheaper than any other microcontrollers.
If you have no special reason for using 68HC series then go for 8051 family. These are high performance, stable and most popular MCUs.


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It is one thing finding the cheapest component but is it the best for the job?

Something else to think of is.... Where in the world are you and where in the world is the cheapest component?

In some cases the carriage costs can be more than ten times the component cost.

If we don't know where you are then we cannot direct you to the best supplier.
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