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Greetings All.

Set uses an external 14v dc power supply and it is working correctly, reads 14.26v
Red led is lit when plugged in and standby voltages are present. All voltages come up when turned on by remote or jog stick (EXCEPT no 13v panel voltage,no audio,no led backlight and set will not turn OFF by remote or jog. I have service manual (sans schematic,of course) I have repaired Vizio (standby light only) with eeprom replacement so I feel this might be in the samecategory.


SOOooo! I;m looking for an eeprom bin file for above set with a Winbond 25Q128FVSG chip. Also can anyone definitely tell me if a firmware update will contain the default eeprom information.

Any info on reading eeprom lines would be of GREAT help


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Well the good news is eeproms are cheap as I am sure you know. The firmware is downloadable directly from Samsung's site. I hope you did not already pull that chip out unless your practicing you soldering skills. If you are it would not hurt to solder on a socket before the replacement chip itself as it becomes easily changable. I happen to have the same TV but I have to replace the screen. My wire brush decided it liked the TV better than I did.
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