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s8050 transistor datasheet needed.

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8050 is probably the year and week it was made. Most likely it's a 2SC331, this is an NPN transistor but I haven't found any more info than that.


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Are you sure it doesn't say C3311?
The 2SC3311 is a general purpose amp/switching NPN optimized for use with logic chips.


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the S8050 is a small TO92 NPN epitaxial silicon transistor.
30V - 700mA - 100Mhz
You may be find on: UTC Unisonic Technologies co ltd.

Note: I have got some S8050 marqued D331 or C331.
I think that C331 or D331 is a lot of production or assembled line.


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Most probably the correct one is SS8050, manufactured for example by Fairchild.

2W output amplifier of portable radios in class B push-pull operation in To-92 case.
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