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Rota-Spray spray etching system For Sale UK

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Testing the water a bit on this one. I bought a Rota-Spray RS-1210 system a year or so ago as part of a job lot of kit. I've not turned it on or tested it but I was assured it was working when decommissioned.

It is a bit big for my rather small workshop and I last made a PCB around 4 years ago .... I've got my other Mega etch tanks for that anyway so can't see myself going into production again of any volume of PCBs.

These are around £1300 new. I'm after £200 collected (I won't deliver) - NN8 area. This will fit in a large hatchback - I got it home in my Vectra along with a load of other stuff.

If you're genuinely interested, let me know and I'll fill it with water, power it up and give it a proper test.



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