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ROM-Monitor for Atmel

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Hi all!

[edit: I just saw that this is a Pic-forum, but I keep the post anyway...]

I'm looking for a small "ROM-monitor" that can be placed in an Atmel device like the Mega8. With it you should be able, via the UART, to dump & modify the sram/eeprom and read & modify the ports/special registers. I'd prefer one written in assembly instead of C due to space constraints.

I could write one myself, but it seems like a waste of time to spend two days redoing something that a guy smarter than me aldready did some years ago.

I've Googled but can't find anything that 'fits the bill'.

Any suggestions?


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mega-AVR monitor

I don't know of any monitor programs specifically for the AVR family. If you're familiar with AVR and 8051 assembly, you may want to look at the paulmon2 monitor. It's a nice monitor program, and in the public domain. I don't know if it's been ported to other micro's.

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