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Ripple in pulse generated by LM5025

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I have generated the gate pulse of frequency 500KHz using LM5025 IC. Output pulse is having ripple even without giving to the gate terminal of FET. The Schematic of the driver is attached and i have also attached the generated pulses waveform. Can Anyone tell the reason of the ripples?



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That's typical "ringing", high frequency resonance caused by the parasitic capacitance and inductance of connections.
There is also a bit of cross-coupling by the look of it which could be a sign of insufficient power decoupling.

For the ringing, add a low value series resistor - eg. something between 10 and 100 ohms - as close to the output pin as possible.
It may even be just because you have a scope probe connected and may change or vanish with different circuit connections.

A bit more info here:
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