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Required datasheet of DR-C2002 ATX Power Supply I.C.

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I do not have enough information to say. This is just a guess.
It looks like a error amplifier at pins 43/44.
The supply is looking at 12V and 5V for DC and also looking at 3.3V for ripple.
These supplies were never designed to run with 5V unloaded!
There is a voltage divider: R60 & R62 pulls up. R40 & R39 pulls down.
If you want to increase the output voltage by 10% try decreasing R40 by 10%. (put a 730k across R40)
The idea is to pull down on pin 44 a very small amount more so the supply will increase the output voltages slightly.
You probability can not get more than 15% more voltage before you hit a limit.
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Thx alot.
But the problems had been solved.
I removed R34 and R35, and change its with VR 10K Ohm.
Finally I got 13,5Volt DC output.
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