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Requesting help

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Good afternoon guys I am trying to make a replica of ADE7953 IC so as to design a smart energy meter in the project I am working on using Proteus. Although I am new to that software, I believe you people can help me with what I need to do. After I had designed the created component as shown in the diagram below, I ran the simulation but it was telling me that there is no specific model. Please am I missing something can anybody please assist?



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I do not use Proteus. but....
You made a schematic symbol. I think you don't have a PCB "thing" made yet. (foot print) And then they must be linked.


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There is no SPICE model for the part. If you made the component, you must also attach a SPICE model to the component. Otherwise Proteus does not know how the part behaves and cannot run the simulation.
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