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Req. Help ID'ing SMD Regulator

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Hello, I'm trying to identify and get the datasheet for this linear voltage regulator. I don't recognize the logo, and haven't been able to match it in the usual places online. Google and other sites have not helped me with the component marking "A2NK". It appears to be an SOT-23-5/SOT-25 package or similar, output and input at top left and bottom left respectively in the attached (enhanced) photo. This is the only part on the board with any logo, and an other-than-generic part number.

SOT-23-5 Regulator.jpg
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I'd say it is either IKsemicon or a Chinese copycat version of it? Your best bet is to send the jpeg to IK and inquire. Based on your pin out description, I think it does not follow the normal assignment either. If possible, finding the diagram may be the only way to determine the actual device.
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