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Repairing Y Axis of a Telequiment D54R Oscilloscope

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Im just a newbie in this forum, so allow me please to ask newbie questions! hehe

I just bought a Telequiment D54R Oscilloscope (also, my first oscilloscope too!), 2nd hand, and what i found out is that the signal on Y Axis doesnt grows more than one centimeter. It makes the wave shape, but the voltage regulators and the Y Position regulator only moves it along that 1 cm.

It should be something wrong at the Y Amplifier, right??

Any specific clue??

Thank you very much!


Is this a single channel scope?
Do you mean that the vertical deflection is only 1 cm. maximum?
Is there an attenuator knob on the control? Does turning the knob affect the display waveform?
How old is the scope?
Has it been in storage for a while?
... Suggest just leaving it turned on for a while .... maybe some of the electrolytic capacitors will come back to life, if that is causing the problem.
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