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Remote Sensor

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I need a circuit to control up to 99 remote triggers.

Must include a circuit for a transmitter (a simple button like car alarm) with a easy jumper codification from 1 to 99 and a receiver capable of identifying each trigger and comunicate with a computer via USB serial port.

The trigger must be able to transmit from a distance of 100 meters with or without walls, but I need the price for 500 meters of transmission range too.

The receiver must continuously send a byte with zeros until it detects a trigger pressed.

When the receiver identifies a trigger, must send a byte with the trigger number. The byte must be sent while the trigger is pressed and must stop when the trigger is released.

The design must consider the cheapest construction too.

Please send me the cost for design the circuit and to make a sealed prototype for 2 triggers only with a simple application to read the port and show the triggers status on screen. I can pay via paypal, moneybookers or western union.

If the prototype works ok, then I can pay for the design and for a full working set for 50 triggers.


Florencio Marchelli

It will be activate by 1 or 2 seconds pulsation. The first trigger activated blocks the reception of radio signal while pressed.

When released, the second signal is processed.

I´m don´t have idea of electronics, if there is some better idea, like an easy and cheap spool of signals, it´s ok. But is not critical if a signal is lost because a collision.


New Member
Try using Dallas 1-Wire


Looks like this could use a Dallas Semicon's 1-Wire interface, all you need is a DS9097U, a serial port adapter, they have a USB based interface as well, the switches Ds2405, DS2406 and DS2408 are all addressable via a single wire, try http://www.maxim-ic.com/1-Wire.cfm

And if it needs to be wireless coupling bluetooth module along might do the trick

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