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Remote Control for Electrical How

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Was planning to get this done ,
Handheld remote control to control lights , fanregulator in a room in India.
India : 230 V , AC supply , I think limit is 5A.

What would be an ultra low cost method for this.
What are the IC's , or PCB assemblies required or MCU.
Assuming this is to be done on a commercial scale ,
the casings , rubber buttons etc can be made available ,
how / what do you call and source the electronic chips / parts.

1.Modular Switches , most common in India.
2.External type , one single picture.

Please do reply , am trying to learn.


Photographs attached.

Aces J



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Already mass produced! Sorry to rain on your parade. Unless you have loads of finacial backing you will never be able to produce them any cheaper than you can already buy one.

Around here a device like what you want goes for around $30 - $40 american currency. Less if you buy it online!
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