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Regency VSA E500 Dishwasher

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Bob Scott

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I'm posting this so that anyone else in North America with the Regency VSA E500 dishwasher made in Australia can get some help. This message should get a hit with any good search engine. I had trouble finding any information myself.
Regency VSA pulled out of the North American market circa 1999 after only 12 years. It's too bad. They pioneered this super quiet stainless steel dishwasher when the American dishwashers were still unbearably LOUD. Their secret: They mount the motor to a small slab of concrete inside the machine, and melt asphalt sound deadener to the inside panels.

Symptom: Control touch buttons do not function. Interior light works.
Solution: Wiring from the computer board in the door to the main power is fatigued and broken. Remove sheet metal door skin. This is only slightly difficult due to foam plastic being glued to the inside of the skin. You have to "unglue" it by ripping it off the skin. Leave it glued to the inside of the door.
Check the wires where they are forced to bend over and over again when the door opens and closes. Repair/replace the wires.

Replacing Omron relays with worn (smokey) contacts: The clear plastic housings get smokey with normal use. These relays are available from Digikey.com. Find part numbers printed on the clear relay covers.

To replace the SPST relay marked Omron G2R1117P-V-RP-US, you won't easily find one. Substitute Omron G2R1A-E. It has identical specifications and footprint.

The two Omron SPDT relays marked G2R-1 are directly available from Digikey. No substitute necessary.

Also reference in the USA: adcoservice.com.
In Canada: Rapid Parts in Toronto. (You won't find this on the internet.)
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Thank you for sharing not only the questions, also the answers :D

I don't have a diswasher to fix at home, but the concrete solution sounds interesting for future projects involving motors
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