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Recommendation for Programming

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I never touched anything that ever had anything to do with programming, what book do you suggest reading for somebody with little electronics back round thats want to understand BASIC, and the ins and outs of easy, basic, programming.



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As I said on your Basic Stamp thread, I suggest Myke Predko's 123 Robotics Experiments for the Evil Genius. It will take you from the simplest application to robot building toward the end of the book. Not only it gives you the basics of programming, it also gives you all the basics in electronics that you will need to build the projects in the book. It comes with a PCB that you can use to create your own programmer board. It is a very basic book, but great for the beginner.



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now i have had a chance to read up a bit more on the links and i hope they are a sticky! i have been searching endlessly for ages for info on programming like that now alot more stuff is making sense. i highly recomend them to noods although beware of some the silly mistakes in them!
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