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Reading data from USB

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Hello , I have an PICKIT 2 Development Kit with USB connectivity . I want to read ADC samples from a pot and then send it via USB to the PC and read it. I can set up the microcontroller to get ADC samples from the pot , but I want to know how to read the data that has been send to the USB port.

Can I read this data in C++ ? or do i need a higher program language like Visual C?


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It all depends on how you have set up the USB on the PIC. I don't know what PIC is used on the development kit board, but there are plenty of examples, particularly on the Microchip web site and you can get them when you download the MPLAB software.

If you use the CDC device software, then you can use something like Hyperterminal on the PC as the PIC will appear as a serial port. If you use the HID device software, then you will need to write your own USB user level driver - again there are plenty of examples in the Microchip software downloads including PC driver software.



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You can probably use the BitWhacker to do what you require or if that doesn't fit the bill it will give you a good place to start.

Edit, you can buy them from sparkfun. clicky.

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