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Radio intermittently shuts off

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Hi, not sure if right forum but would anybody know why in the morning when I leave after my car has sat for many hours the radio works fine. But, after I turn the car off and restart the radio then goes on and off with gap for the rest of the driving day. The next day works fine until I turn off the car...then on for 5 seconds off for 5 seconds?
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I don’t know I’ll see tomorrow....thanks for the reply....there are other issues too, like not being able to change he mileage from kilometers to milers...etc
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Ok drove this morning for an hour with no problems....turned off engine and turned the radio again started going intermittently. Turned car off again and then turned key just to just electronics radio still intermittent....on 3 seconds off 3 seconds.....confused!!!!!


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Assuming the radio does go entirely off, not just audio muting, it may be fed 12V by a thermal circuit breaker and not a fuse. Something is demanding too much current on that same 12V feed or the thermal breaker is tired. Check if such breaker is hot.
If only the audio mutes but radio stays on; it is a failure of the radio or short circuit in the speaker lines causing self protection of its amplifier stage. Can be diagnosed by disconnecting the speaker connector from its rear jack to confirm if radio stays on.
I had a similar experience with an American Jeep Grand Cherokee .. .. .. .

The problem was caused by the power block on the back of the ignition switch. When the car was started from cold as the key is released the ignition barrel springs back to the 'run' position which makes contact for the various ancillaries including the radio.

When cold the power block made contact OK, but once it had warmed a little, maybe with some arcing, if the key was turned off and then on again, it made contact perhaps 50% of the time and a bump in the road would sometimes affect it.

Of course, it affected other things apart from the radio, but unless they were on at the time, they were not so noticeable.


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