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radio amp


New Member
i need a raio amp for the fm band for a computer tv tuner.....
it uses the T type antenna.....
i'll need a circuit, a small one, wich can be powered from a 9v batt for long time, but not the power consumption is necessary...
i have some transistors like BF256A, BF256B, BF214 and if it's possile i'd like to use them
i need this kind of help because i'm totaly paralel with radio circuits...
i hope for any schematic......


New Member
:twisted: :twisted:
maybe i didnt say what i meant very clearly.....
i dont need an audio amp, i got speakers....
i need a circuit for amplifing RF signals, have an imput as antenna, and the output will go to radio antenna in at the Pc tv&radio tunner...
anyway thanks


Active Member
You can try this site. You have three different FM RF amps to choose from.
Looks pretty easy to build, and good luck,


Go to the amplifier section.
I think he requires ANTENNA Booster to improve the sensitivity of his tuner. The link you gave is an RF amp. for FM transmitter and it is not suitable for FM tuners since it has very large power output (15W). FM tuners require very low power input of the order of micro-watts.


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You were right. Sorry for the confusion.


New Member
the first amp looks good(sent by kinjal)
the other amps are for transmitters...
i'll try the first one...thanks kinjal!
i cant understand why digital radios cant tune very well.....
i have a small world radio with 10 bands and i can receive about 20-30 fm stations local, national and international...but with the radio from the comuter i can only receive 4 of them, 3 loc and a national station one, but i get them stereo and with cd quality if u know what i mean
so i thought of an amp.
i have some friends they have tv tunners, and they complain 2.....
so i need some amps


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Do let me know if there is any improvement in the reception of the tuner after connecting the Pre-Amp. circuit.

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