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Queen's "Deacy" amplifier

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I saw a thread about this over on EEVblog ( http://www.eevblog.com/forum/projects/any-queen-fans-here/ )
The first link in the thread takes you to Hackaday, ( http://hackaday.com/2017/05/08/a-queen-mystery-the-legend-of-the-deacy-amp/#more-255331 ) where the scene is set about the beginnings of the piece of equipment which gave Queen's unique sound.
What I found quite interesting from the second link, ( http://www.deacyamp.com/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=19 ) was the 13 year trek taken to produce a replica, which Brian May himself reportedly could not tell from the original and actually chose during a test.
If you are a fan, or just someone interested in amplifiers and how they perform with wildly un-matched components, take a look.

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