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Quadrature encode :newbie trying not to reinvent the wheel.

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I've got an interesting requirement. I'm trying to convert trackball movement to a standard analog joystick motion using the PIC16C54 and MCP42100--both Microchip ic's.

Before I reinvent the wheel, has anyone coded or seen code for a quadrature to digital pot conversion. I've read through code for quadrature encoding and code for digital pot control. But, I am new enough to PIC programming that combining these functions will take a while.

I'm working on using the PIC16F876 and MCP42100, as illustrated by Microchip's app note AN746. But, I'd appreciate any insight one can offer in coding a PIC16C54 with a MCP42100 for this task.

Links to existing code or posting/emailing complete code would be outstanding. TIA.
Not open for further replies.

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