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PWM Motor Speed Control project

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Hi, I havent been on here in awhile and you guys always help me out. So thanks in advance :D I'm looking to find a PWM motor speed control for an idea of mine, it needs to be stable and run a dc motor from 120AC to a variable dc output up to 130VDC, with a current of around 2A. Ive been buying a few from ebay and others and they work good, but are bulky and usually dont have all the features I need or dont, and cost quite alot. I'm not as advanced as some as you to build these so I'm looking for someone or some companies you can point me to that would be able to work with me. I only need about 10 to 25 to start with, but hope to grow after my intial product release. If you email me I can give you some more details as to what exactly I need. I'm sorry I cant give more to this forum its really great, thanks again for your time.

Rick Brodersen
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If I understand correctly, you have an AC power supply (wall receptacle for instance) and need to vary the speed of a DC motor? Further, the motor is rated at 130VDC? If so, this is fairly straightforward to do. Building a pwm controller is quite easy (esp since much of the work exists in many micros). The power electronics section might be more difficult. Does the pwm controller need to vary both motor speed and change direction? If your system is closed loop, you also need to consider how to determine the speed of the motor and feed it back into the control loop.
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