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Purchasing arduino mega


Hey all,
I want to buy the arduino mega. Since it is my first, i don't know where to buy one from. I have looked at ebay, and there are some available. Are there any other places i can buy from that are possibly cheaper? I live in South Africa, so must have shipping aswell :)


Hey there, i got one 2 months ago :p no one replied so i just left it. Should have posted that i got one. I bought from ebay, was all good and well. And i wish a happy new year to all!!


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The cheapest that I have found them is on ebay...but if you can solder you can make one yourself. If the only reason you want the arduino mega is more storage, look up the sanguino. it is made from an atmega644 and you could easily build it on a breadboard. it has double the storage of an arduino uno
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