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Pspice help!!

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I have just started using pspice a/d lite edition..today i thought of simulating a basic circuit given in a pspice guide..It had basic elements like resistors, cap., and diodes..I used orcad capture for placing these components...i placed r, c from the library but no library was present for the diodes..
so i downloaded the diode.olb and diode.lib files from the internet...I placed diode.olb into the library folder of capture (I didnt place diode.lib as i didnt knew where to place it)...i again opened capture and plcad diode D1N3940 using diode library...
now, the problem is that on simulation, i am getting the following error:
"ERROR -- Model D1N3940 used by D_D2 is undefined"

can anyone tell me the cause as well as the solution to this error...
(possible reasons i thought of:
1. Since i am using pspice lite , which is a student version , i may nt add any aditional library
2. I might have placed the diode.olb at wrong place
3. I didnt place diode.lib anywhere)

Need help asap/.
Thanxin advance...
Not open for further replies.

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