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Proteus ISIS PIC 18F processor speed setting problem

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Hello All:
Using an 18F26J50, no matter what processor speed setting (processor properties) I try, it is running at 4Mhz.
With a 16F886...it runs at any speed I set properly.

Any advice on this?


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Ok figured it out. Needed to setup the following:
OSC = INTOSCPLL, PLLDIV=2 . & IESO =ON config bits.
Then setup the OSCCON to 8MHz and enable the PLLEN & INTSRC bits in OSCTUNE in the code.
83nS per instruction = 12MIPS @48Mhz.

Nigel Goodwin

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Use MCC, that makes it easier to set the clock speed - then cut and paste the section of code you want :D

The bewildering number of options on modern PIC's is VERY confusing.
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