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Projector Screen Motor controller..


New Member

this is a step-motor controller for a projector screen...to control it I use remote controll..i think it runs on 433 MHZ .

The problem is that the range of the remote control has been reduced from several metres to like 10 cm. I have to hold the remote control literally next to this board in order to issue commands up/down/stop.

Ive ordered new remote and successfully paired it. The problem is the same.

I have basic tools for electronic repairs...but don't know how to diagnose faults... There is no visible damage on the board.

Any help is appreciated.



New Member
It seems to be the little trans-receiver.....i heated it up a bit, and it worked.
However i cant find it in internet that exact same chip :

Any idea how to get one of those or something equivalent ?
Its the +413 part that is no where to be found...


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The 413 is likely the manufacturing date, week 13 of year 4 in the decade.
Most ICs have either a four digit or three digit date code, like the "426" on the ST chip near that.

Any MAX3485 in the correct surface mount package should work fine.


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Try taking it to a friends house away from where you live. There may be a 433Mhz signal interfering somewhere in your area. We have dead zones in a nearby town where car remotes won't work.

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