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project from conception to completion

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While I work on my game board design I come to the realization that people than do projects from idea to completion are a valuable resource.
The mexican train game hub that I started couple months ago has gone from a decade counter circuit to a microcontroller based circuit utilizing two different pics. Have had lots of advice along the way.
A special thanks to Jonsea about different aspects of design over the years. Was remembering his advice while designing a printed circuit board (traces running between smd pads) cropped up alot. Designed about 5 different boards with and with out certain components.
Several other Electro tech members have given advice as well, Thank You
One major piece of advice is to have an open mind about different methods to achieve your goal. My design has tactile switches with separate 1206 smd leds. Found tactile switches for about 2 x the cost but a much cleaner board design in appearance.
Have ordered parts today then after checking parts pin outs etc with print of board I will order boards.
Hopefully Elecrow will still have 10 10cm x 10cm boards for $9.95 come time to order boards.
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