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Programming PIC16F914 File Conversion Question?

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I decided to take on an open source MIDI project the Atari 2600 console that I've been meaning to tackle for some time. I ordered the parts and assembled the circuit on perfboard but haven't had much success. The file that I downloaded a few years back contains an Eagle PCB file (I decided not to have the PCB printed since I'm trying to do this on the cheap), a Bill of Materials, and the code for the PIC16F914 in a .asm file.

I have a GQ-4X programmer that I use for EEPROM's on occasion and was hoping to use that to program the PIC (again to keep my costs down). I see in the software for the programmer that I can use .bin or .hex files. I'm looking for any help to convert the .asm file to a usable format for my programmer.

I've done a bit of digging on my own and the best I've come up with is using MPASMX to convert the aforementioned .asm file to a .hex file. I don't know what options to choose at all for the conversion. I did get a .hex file though and gave it a go and got one of the LED indicators on the board to light up so that was progress but something still isn't right since it's not working like it should. I've double checked... triple checked my circuit and I don't think the problem is there, but anything is possible.

Any help is appreciated and don't be afraid to talk down to me, I'm a bit out of my wheelhouse here. Thanks!
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