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Programming a PIC 12C672


New Member
I am a new programmer and I have some sample code in .asm and purchased a programmer that came with picallw software. I need a few pointers on how to program the .asm code I have on to the PIC. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


So you got the asm file, compile it with a compiler such as the free one from microchip.....mpasm.

this will give you a hex file.

Run the application software for picall, load the hex, put your pic in place on the programmer( remember to set the device parameters, like the pic you are programming) and load hex into pic. QED

Ask if you are not sure 8)


New Member
Got it to compile with Bank Error

I am having an issue when I compile the asm file. For some reason the code is addressing Bank 0 and not Bank 1 as the code requests. I have read everything and I am coding it correctly but it is still an error. Any suggestions?

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