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Programmable Third Brake Light Flasher - PIC12F629


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Thanks kchriste.
In the darlington pair, I see there are two resistor built in. Each of the transistor has one resistor across the base and emitter as attached.
So the 200 :eek:hm: resistor is used for the purpose that we were discussing, then what about the 5 k:eek:hm: resistor? Same purpose? To prevent any leakage current to the base of the transistor to turn it on?



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hi ...

is this possible to modified the signal out from PIC to be in negative ?
2n222 is NPN --- base bias current is + (P)

since i have the 2 main light with common negative (-) so i can not use the NPN, if i use this the other lamp will be screw up.

my idea is driving the output signal from PIC dirrect to P chanel mospec.

i am testing the diagram above with N chanel mospec and it's work perfectly without using the 2n222 as a driver and without any resistor -- (for simplest way) LOL ....

tested with buld instead of led and the speed is prety good.

any idea ??
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