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Program Verify on JMD with ic-prog

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I build JMD program and still using ic-program program with it… I have one question is:
I disable the <Verify after programming> , the programmer still can work and does not have any program happened till now…problem happens if I enable this option and the program throw “Verify failed at address 0000h ! ”.

1. Should I disable this option?
2. What is the function of verifying a program?
Any body can tell me why? Thank.

Another program:
I integrated a JMD programmer into my project board which is able to implement ICSP… I did add a DIP switch to isolate the two programming pins of PIC <RB6 and RB7>, and a diode of 1N4148 at MCLR to prevent reverse signal go into other circuit during programming.
I get this information from the Microchip official website and I follow it instruction but still can not solve this problem…My circuit works very well but only my programmer cant work….only this disfigurement

Any comment???


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It is sounds like you have code protection on, you will never be able to verify, using that software, some of the commericial software does the verify before set the the code protection.

What is happening the software can not read the pic to test it and reporting an error.



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I never use the code protection till now... so i think not the problem.
any way .thank

My ICSP still can not solve!!! :?


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