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program 8051 with flip software via can bus node


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i see forum 8051 and not Enough information on this topic so i I decided to make this thread.
plz share your information together.Here are some basic questions to discuss
1-in ic at89c51cc03 that have control can bus how should program via can node this ic.
2-software flip support several interface usb to can bus that can connect to conector node can board and program atmel
so when connect interface why have time out in software flip.
i take atmel in flip mode:pin EN=0 pin PESN=1.if should do anything before connect interface to can node.
3-if interface usb to can convert usb to can bus or make one port can bus on pc.

Ian Rogers

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Canbus on the 8051 isn't very well documented.. I have tried, but little support from compilers.. You will have to write all your own drivers... I now use Can on the pic 18f26k60, all functions supported...( except debugging with high end software )..

You would need to download pic versions and port it to the 8051 platform.. very tedious!!


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if i download diagram programer pic and software from your link it work for 8051 at89c51cc03?
i should make programer with diagram in your link and download software in link?


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i will have program at89c51cc03 without removing it.
i think with can bus and without removing 8051 only software flip can do it.

Ian Rogers

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Put it this way.... The chip will need a valid bootloader ( the basic chip normally comes with a simple RS232 one)

If this is a new chip then the only way to get a bootloader onto it is to parallel program it before its fitted.

If someone has created a can bootloader, then any new chip will have to have this pre-programmed int it..


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this chip is not new.into it is program.
for this chip created 3version program that can change every version with other version.
now into chip is version 1 of it program.
but i should re-program with version 3 of it program.
i have version 3 of it program only should transfer into chip with flip and can bus.
i send user manual this board that help for program atmel 8051 with flip&can bus.
plz see and help
atmel 8051


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Hi...today’s microcontrollers have become so powerful they can handle audio as a side task. With emUSB-Host, a simple and inexpensive USB Host connection is all it takes to add audio capabilities. This can be used in multiple ways especially to enhance the user experience.


What are you trying to do?
Update the PCB’s TM, PM, UI and so on like shown in the French manual?
So, you have such “Equalis” hardware or you just use this manual as a guide to whatever board you have??
If it’s another board you have why not using the manual of that board in the first place???

I see one difference between the manual and what you are doing, don’t you??
On the other hand, I’m not familiar with Flip software, so not sure if it makes a difference.
But when you provide a manual I suppose one need to follow it correctly, right?

Settings\Communication\you select RS232 while the manual shows CAN\IXXAT
Then in the "Controller Area Network Setup" window you have the RS232 frame active while it’s greyed out in the manual.

Like I said I’m not the specialist here… … …
But: One never knows how a cow catches a rabbit ?!!?

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