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Problem with assembler

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I must write assembler code for two components on EVBplus2 68HC11 - Wytec 68HC11 development board/boards: EVBplus2 , and connect the code with already having Assembler program for LCD control - connect all this into one program. The components are DS1302 Real Time Clock with battery backup and DS1620 Digital Thermometer and Thermostat. I have no idea how to write it.
Please help me.


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I just want help because I even don't have an idea from where to begin. I never write assembler before, and I can't change the task.


You don't learn ASM overnight user01. It's best to read through all the documentation you can find.
Doing a simple search on google for 68hc11 nets TONS of information including the full instruction set and programming reference. If you hunt around enough I'm sure you can find some example code to get you started on learning. This is not something that can be done in a hurry though.
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You didnt pay attention in class you mean?
I only say that because i doubt a school would give you a assignment you wouldnt be able to do.

That would be like asking a you to work for NASA with no experience.
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