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Power switch suggestions for GSM/GPRS chip.

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Nigel Goodwin

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Has anyone any good suggestions for power switching to a GSM/GPRS chip/module?.

I'm looking for a high level switch, with a nice low Rds, either discrete devices or an IC. I found some really nice IC's (BD82024FVJ-E2 etc.), intended for USB switching, but they are only 3mm square :eek: - I'd really like something larger and easier to manage, for initial breadboarding.

The peak power for the chip is about 2A, but this comes from the capacitor next to the chip, and the supply will be a battery of 'some kind', lithium-ion, NiMh or whatever, so around 3.9/4V - so it can directly feed the chip.

I may end up with a discrete P channel for the switch, and N channel (or NPN) feeding it, or perhaps even the PIC pin controlling it directly?.

So anyone 'been there'?.
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