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Power Supply

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Hello i am trying to make a power supply for my Gauss meter that i am building. I need a +15 volt a +5 volt and a negative 15 volt supply. All three at less than 100 miliamps. I know how to make the +5 and + 15 but how do i make the negative 15. i am hooking the +15 and -15 to a quad opamp 324 so i need a common that will be one neg and one pos form each of the two 15 supplys. The only problem is that is a short. How do i do it. at first i thougt use to different transformers but it still is gonna be a short. At all possibiliey i would prefer to use batteries but the closes thing that i could find is the little 12 volt batteries that are used in car alarm remotes. Any help would be apreciated a lot thanks. My goal is to make a small gauss meter. I would use a built in power supply as a last resort.


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Here is the changed schematic.
Please ignore the post below written by Mechie. Thanks Mechie. :)



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Reverse polarity of C2 - the cap pos terminal goes to 0v (earth), neg to the 7915 reg input.


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Kinjalgp is right, but I would also put a diode across the in and outs of all three regulators to increase the reliablity. The cathode would face the Input, and the anode to the output. Good idea for the .1 caps to reduce oscillation of the regulator
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