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Power supply circuit

what is the reason for transformer doesn't have any output pulses?

  • up to the oscillator circuit, I can able to get output.

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  • Is Transformer inductance causing any problem in electro magnetic induction in secondary side?

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The resistor feeding the LED at the 5-volt output should be 470 or 560 ohms.
I'll try my PC817 optos to see if 0.8 volts turns it on.


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Woww no primary snubber BUT what is the OP's question ??????????

Ohh I see, it's in the form of a vote.....

Let's start with where on earth did you get the circuit ?


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What material, diameter and length of the core?
and the Asterisk(*) in the image says there is a video, where is it? And how clueless was the anyone to mistake a 260k ohm for 2.6 ohm

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