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Pointers in PIC?


New Member
Hi, to the great PIC assembly language programmers out there, i need some help with assembly language.

Consider the following code:

POINTER equ 0x23 ;so POINTER is pointing to location 0x23

can I get POINTER to point to the next location (i.e. 0x24)?


Active Member
Here POINTER is not "C" like pointer but it is a Byte Variable Declared whose address is 0x23. Or in other words for ease of programming, the byte at 0x23 is aliased as "POINTER".


New Member
yeah thanks..anyway, i figured out how to do what i wanted to do.
The PIC has an FSR register that acts as a pointer. Simply load the FSR with the address and access the address via the INDF register once the FSR is pointing to the right address.

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