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point and click


New Member
hi all,
An idea for a project came to me while playing time crisis on my playstation with the gun that you point at the television to shoot the badies( i'm sure you all know what i mean ). What i would like to do is use the inner working from the g-con gun and from a cordless mouse from a computor to make a device that i can use to select functions in windows using the t.v screen (i use a tv out card on my pc that goes directly to my tv for watching dvds internet and other entertainment ) is this possible, i gather software would have to be written to make this work, or is there already a device like this out there.


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:D Just imagine a user sitting in front of a PC and looking in the View Finder to click any thing on the screen. This means all users who want to use your product will have to be SHARP SHOOTERS :wink:
Do you think this type of product will be accepted in the market? Don't mind but I am just expressing my point of view.

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