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plz help!!!! wat r these parts?????

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why have you opened a second thread for the same question.?
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Look on the web for "stun gun" circuits. The components in the photo are very complex. You would have to be an expert to understand how to put them together.


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A little kid who wants to zap people as a prank.
He should do something useful instead.


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I give him a B+ he only used "any 1" instead of "anyone"

I built a hand held HF shocker out of a old tv flyback when I was in hiogh school. It was a simple push/pull oscilator that ran off a small 12 volt battery pack. ;)
I took it to school for a science class demonstration one day.
Durring lunch hour that day I charged up the lockers with it and zapped a few 7 th graders. :eek:
My science class teacher heard the noise in the hall and stepped out to see what was going on. :mad:
He saw me do it again, He shook his head and smiled, then went back in his class room. never said a thing! :D

It was harmless. I actualy used myself for the ground to make the locker charge up work. :)


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Be careful with that stuff, you can get hurt or damage your heart messing with larger capacitors, particualry if this is an existing tazer which you took apart, in people with heart conditions or epilepsy they can be deadly.


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jackblack need to shock himself before posting another tread.you know unncessary posting make headaches to mod.ok.what diode told is correct- they can be daedly danger for heart patients.so do not make it.use technology for making useful items like what donald duck told.
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