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Plasma Disc questions

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Dan Kuschill

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I want to take a plasma disc, sold under the name of “wearable pocket plasma” and repurpose it.

The pocket plasma is a 2.75 inch circle plasma disc that runs off of 2 AAA size batteries.

I want to extend the distance between the plasma and the control unit by 8 inches. The 8 inch wire needs to go through a narrow hole so I want the size of the wire to be as small as possible, but safe. Because the wire has to go through a small hole, and connect, it needs to have a small plug of some sort. With the other end of the plug connected to the battery/control pack.

I would also like to run this from a 1 amp 3 volt DC wall transformer.

I think the power consumption of the plasma is roughly 116ma most of the time, but can spike a bit higher. I was told that the voltage on the high voltage is 2 to 3k volts. Both of these are what I was told, and could be wrong.

I was going to post a couple of pictures, but I could not figure out how.


What kind of wire and insulation do I need to run?

Is the 1 amp 3 volt wall wart good enough?

What small plug system can I use that would carry that high voltage?




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The current at 3kV will be low enough not to kill most people. But people who are frail might be killed. Don't Doo it. Leave the high voltage display and the control unit joined together as one piece.


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Small and High Voltage usually don't go together. With wire the standard put up is usually around 100 feet. My experience with HV wire is basically TV CRT's (not very flexible), Silicone about 1/2" diameter for 40 kV and 22 A (not at the same time) and auto ignition wire.

Here: is some HV wire: http://www.daburn.com/high-voltage-wire.aspx

Useful info: Dialectric strength of air is about 3 kV/mm

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dr pepper

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Hi, might be better to put the hv transformer and the disc togther on your mount, then run the primary wires back to the control board.
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