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pic18f-452 programming

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girgis adly

New Member
dear all
iam girgis adly iam in 4th year electric power and machine department
faculty of engineering
in our project we make multilevel pwm inverter and we use pic18f-452 to get pulses for firing mosfet but i don't know how to programe it( how to write the code in c or micro c and how to define the legs of it and how to connect in in the board what is his circuit
please i want you to help me in this task and in my project
thanks and regards


Coop Build Coordinator
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You should have learned to program microprocessors in school.

Your are in your 4th year. Write your own code, if you need help with it you can get help here. We will help you with what is wrong, if YOU write the code.

We will not help people who do not try. Do not say code or circuits you find on the internet is yours, we are not stupid.

You should not be in a class that requires programming if you have not taken a class that teaches you how to program.

This may sound harsh/mean but it is not. We are not here to do your schoolwork for you. Feel free to pass this on to anyother student who expects us to do his or her work.


girgis adly

New Member
thanka 3v for your advise but i want to tell you i didn't take any thing in my school or my coleague about pic and how to programe it but i use pic in my project (multilevel inverter) to take pulses for firing the mosfet so no choose i must learn how to programe it and i try to learn that from some sites like your site so iam not lazy as you think but i love to learn and series in that thanks for all


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How can you be expected to use a microcontroller in your College if they don't have prerequisites or courses available. Either way nothing like a good book on PICs or programming to get you started.
You don't need a microcontroller to build a simple inverter.
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