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I'm new here.

I need help with programming a Doorbell using Pic Logicator for a project at school. I want to make a door bell which while playing the tune has three LED's flashing for the entire duration of the tune. It also will have a reset switch which you press once you've answered the door as the tune is quite a long one. All I need is instructions how to do it.

Thank you if you are able to help me with this, it will be much appreciated and I will do something for you in return.

Ravi :D :p 8) :) :mrgreen:


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A software which uses simple blocks of a flowchart to crate programs for pic so u don't have to use asm or c toprogram it.


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Using a microcontroller will be lot easier and you can also contorol the timings very precisely. The program won't be difficult at all. You can either go for PIC16F84 or 89C2051. Both are low pin count, high performance MCUs.

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