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PIC Errata

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Dear All,

Can someone tell me how the Errata documents should be read?

I understand that they contain all the glitches and workarounds that have been found since the chip was released.

Do Microchip attempt to correct any of the issues that have been found?

Or as the screen shot suggests, do these errata documents provide a cumulative "list" of bugs.

I hope this makes sense, thanks in advance.




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As I understand it each document referes to a specific revision of silicon.

For each revision of silicon they will update the errata document with new revisions so if you look at Rev B6 silicon errata it is on document revision D.

Rev B7 silicon errata is still on document revision A.

For a given revision of silicon you should refer to its specific errata sheet and not all the previous silicon release errata cumulatively.

I might add that if the document is on Rev A it probably means they've yet to discover some issues with that release of silicon:)
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