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Pic Bootloader Code

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A question a friend has asked me, but not sure of the answer and do not have his code or chip to prove the point with my Pk2.

Using a PK2 he programmed the 16F1938 chip up ok with the supplied code and the program ran as intended.

That code also contained a bootloader, so the user could use a simple serial link to update the main program code.

However he tried to program in a program update using thePk2, but got, "I ran into a problem trying to use the PicKIt2 as it kept reporting issue programming and address"

He then used a serial link and it updated ok.

So, is it possible, to use a Pk2 to program in the updated main program code to the bootlloaded chip ?
ie. just part of the chips flash memory, otherwise can only think that one would have to add in the bootloader code as well ?
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