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Pic Basic Pro software/hardware Question

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Can anyone out there help?

What I need to know is if Windows XP (home) is compatible with Pic Basic Pro software and programmer hardware. ?

thank you for time.

I've been out of the loop for while and trying to get back up to speed and pic's are new to me, but I've done a fair bit of basic programming over the years and this seems to be the way forward for me.
Looking to start with the smaller 16f84 devices to start with,
but eventually need to use the larger 877 chips.


I don't see why you would have any trouble. Pic Basic Pro runs in DOS. You'll want some developement software thats available free from a lot of places anyway. I use Codestudio. Once you set it up, you just type in you program and then hit the compile and program button. It will find PicBasic, compile the program and start up the software for your programmer.

Check out rentron.com


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Thanks for the input, I had to put out a call for help.

Greenweld.co.uk have a special offer running , I asked them the same question because I know XP has a few quirks and recieved this reply.
Dear Sir

The softerware is compatable but not compatable with the programer, the programmer board will accept the larger device.

Kind Regards

Michael D Page
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